ensome´s SR Model

We define Social Responsibility (SR) as the voluntary commitments that we have made to our stakeholders, to respect the sustainable use of our environment, as well as promoting and adopting all of the ethical principles and measures of eco-efficiency that allow us to carry out economically responsible management within our organization.

Our Principles

Our Principles are based upon the United Nation’s Global Compact, which incorporate the following aspects: Human rights, labor norms, environment and the fight against corruption.

We have adopted additional principles (taken from international initiatives) that seek to balance the environment and society, and which simultaneously emphasize the need to include responsible practices through all channels and processes that are linked to the activities of our organization.

ensome´s Relationship with Stakeholders:

ensome’s Commitment to the Environment

Our company promotes conservation, as well as the sustainable use of the environment. A large part of the services that we offer to our clients are based on recommending that they use integrated environmental plans and management tools for implementing their activities and projects in order to minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts.

Although we are a service-providing company (without industrialized processes), we have adopted a series of norms and best practices that are tied to of our administrative and management activities ranging from the efficient use of resources (water, energy and inputs) to the creation of mechanisms that facilitate the adoption of new work habits within our team, which will also improve these practice in their homes and result in greater environmental awareness.

Efficient Economic Management

Good business administration is based upon equilibrium between ethical practices and efficient management, as well as tight communication with our partners. Those of us who are company shareholders not only take part in producing results, but we also support ensome’s routine management practices. Our Principals also contribute actively toward providing alternative solutions to specific situations that require their support.

The Directorate of ensome has designed specialized mechanisms for being proactive and confronting all of its economic commitments in a responsible manner. Our administrative system allows for the frequent evaluation of our performance.  This approach has been designed in a way that reflects our financial reality, which in turn allows us to implement rapid solutions that are subject to continuous verification.

We aim to quantify the percentages of our profits that are invested in socially responsible practices, as well as the "positive" economic returns from those investments.